Montessori Geometric Egg Toys

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Montessori Geometric Egg Toys are designed to help children explore their creativity and develop their math skills. These educational toys are made from high-quality materials and offer a range of shapes, colors, and sizes to stimulate learning. The Montessori Geometric Egg Toys are perfect for a wide variety of learning experiences. With different shapes, colors, and sizes, these toys inspire problem-solving and help hone fine motor skills that are beneficial for both mental and physical development.

Material: Plastic/Plastic
Specification: 30*10*7
Product packaging: boxed/paper card
color: green
1style: shape matching egg LB33-3,
2style: DF11 vegetable and fruit paired eggs,
3style: 26 matching eggs,
4style: 12-digit matching eggs,
5style: 26 digital addition and subtraction matching eggs
Applicable age: children (3-6 years old)
Gross/net weight: 21/19kg
Carton size: 60x43.5x41.5cm
Body/Volume: 0.108/3.826
Packing size: 30x10x7cm

Packing list:
Montessori Geometric Egg Toys *1