Electric Fishing Toy

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Electric Fishing Toy is a great way to enjoy fishing without having to use techniques that require a lot of skill or experience. This toy replicates the experience of actual fishing, providing a realistic and engaging experience for kids and adults alike. It's a fun, effortless way for anyone to partake in an outdoor activity, with all the sights and sounds of real fishing - no experience necessary.

Product size: 43.5x29.5x31.5CM
Fish net 7X5.5cm
Fishing handle 9X 9.2cm
Sign board 9X4.5cm
Fish pocket 9.5X2.5X 7.5cm
Fishing rod 11X1cm tree 5.5X 3cm
Fish X10 2.8X 2cm
Sticker 31X 14.8cm
Dolphin X34X1.5cm

Packing list:
1*Electric Fishing Toy